I started travel writing during a yearlong student exchange to southern Italy. A classic realist, I hit the hills, strolled in olive groves up and down the Adriatic coast, and got to know the earthy locals on their own turf. Since then, I have ceaselessly traveled, perpetually seeking an authentic, unlabored sense of cultural connection and immersion.

Over the years, I've volunteered in Italy with Chernobyl child victims from Belarus, translating Russian to the Italians, and Italian to the other volunteers. Soon after, I volunteered in Switzerland with child refugees from Africa & Montenegro, organizing cross-cultural activities. Most recently, I ventured out to the cold and distant waters of Scotland, volunteering my hard labor planting organic crops of trees and vegetables and helping to build solar water heaters for remote islanders. I also regularly travel to Tijuana, Mexico helping out the Give Some Life Foundation's spay & neuter campaigns for Mexico's homeless animals.